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Managed Services Agreement

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Managed Services Agreement Program

Sparkrock is devoted to supporting our Clients’ interests in improving upon the initial implementation of their solution. A newer more pragmatic approach to this goal is to enroll in a Managed Services Agreement Program. Managed Services Agreement (“MSA”) succeeds in minimizing the risks of traditional ERP and CRM improvements through a systematic approach that shortens the time to launch by focusing on implementing changes that deliver real impact, and continuous learning and improvement. 

This continuous learning and improvement is particularly important since MSA is an iterative, ongoing process that contrasts with a traditional Work Order approach, which tends to be an all-at-once event. Rather than planning to do everything at one time, MSA focuses on iterations, or “sprints,” for shorter timeframes (which are less risky and less costly). 

Rather than undertaking improvements to your Sparkrock solution every two to three years with outdated business processes that no longer align to organizational best practices, MSA makes regular, informed performance improvements to your solution based on testing, continuous learning, and research that’s derived from actual user feedback. In doing so, MSA offers a more adaptive model where businesses can change their business processes based on the conditions and obstacles they may encounter. 

All of our MSA Programs include a dedicated Project Manager and regular status calls and meetings to proactively plan out the work over the coming months and to prioritize the deliverables that will provide the quickest wins and most significant impact. MSA Programs are pre-paid quarterly and can be cancelled at any time. 


  • You won’t have to spend your budget on hiring full-time technical experts to maintain and enhance your system
  • Your solution upgrades Go Live monthly, so the system that you rely on will never again lag your organizational priorities
  • There’s less risk with agile improvements compared to big bang-style projects
  • You’ll guarantee your system is always high performing
  • Don’t wait years for a major upgrade to receive the updates you need now
  • You’ll have guaranteed access to technical experts whenever you need them

Sample Projects:

  • Process Led Transformation (PLT) of Business Processes
  • Payroll Process Changes
  • Transition from Paper-based to Electronic Processes
  • Supporting Legislative and Regulatory Changes
  • Custom Training / Implementation Services
  • Custom Application Development Services
  • Data Migration / Integration Services
  • Adaptive Approach to Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • User Experience / Quality Assurance

What you get:


Choose the right size for you based on how quickly you want to make improvements.

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