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Sparkrock's Customer Success Center

Gold Support for Sparkrock Engage

Affordable, Responsive Support

  • Pre-paid hours in blocks of 20 hours.
  • Discounted hourly rate - $190/hour
  • Dedicated Support Manager will manage your support case and find you the right resources:
    • Solution Architect
    • Developer
    • PM
    • Consultant
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager

In order to help manage Customer Support costs, Sparkrock offers a Prepaid Support Plan, in which the Customer can pre-purchase blocks of hours at a reduced rate. Each block represents 20hrs and costs $3800 ($190/hr). This plan is meant to provide support and assistance for ad hoc break-fix issues that may come up. Improving or increasing the scope of a Customer’s solution is typically undertaken by way of a Growth Driven Design Program or a more traditional Work Order.

For a Prepaid Support Plan, submission of a question or issue constitutes the Customer’s acceptance that up to two hours of work may be performed and billed to the Customer to investigate the root cause of the issue and attempt to resolve it to the Customer’s satisfaction. Should Sparkrock require more than two hours to resolve the case, it will seek Customer approval. Customers will be asked to approve estimates for additional work before any such work can proceed. At any point in the cycle, if Sparkrock believes that the estimates will be exceeded, then it will seek additional approval from the Customer. In other words, customers will pre-approve all work beyond 2 hours in the context of the Customer’s Support Plan.

All support services provided by Sparkrock are provided pursuant to, and subject to, the Master Services Agreement between the Customer and Sparkrock (the “MSA”). All capitalized terms used which are not defined have the meanings given to such terms in the MSA. Sparkrock reserves the right to amend this Plan, and its associated fees, from time to time. Sparkrock will provide Customer with notice of any changes.


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