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Additional Services and Work Orders

Additional Services

Customers who require excluded or out of scope services may access such services through the following process.

Creating a support case, with the submission of a question or issue relating to any of excluded or out of scope support services constitutes the Customer’s acceptance that up to two hours of work may be performed by Sparkrock and billed to the Customer to investigate the root cause of the issue and attempt to resolve it to the Customer’s satisfaction.

Should Sparkrock require more than two hours resolving the case, it will seek the customer's approval through the preparation of a Work Order. The customer will be asked to sign the Work Order before any additional work can proceed.  

All Work Orders are subject to the terms and conditions of the existing SLSA. The Work Order will include a description of services, deliverables and the acceptance criteria. The Work Order will also contain specifications for the deliverables that are to be included. User acceptance will be based on a test script (or test scripts) that provides sufficient detail to establish that the deliverables conform to the specifications. The customer is responsible for reviewing and approving all specifications and for providing full and complete test scripts.

Once the specifications and cost estimates for a Work Order are determined, the work will be executed for the amount specified in the Work Order, provided that there is no change in scope and there is no delay or additional time caused by events beyond Sparkrock’s reasonable control (such as failure by the customer to provide the required information or resources, testing etc). At any point in the cycle, if Sparkrock believes that the estimates will be exceeded, then it will seek approval for additional work from the Customer.

A Work Order is used when the work to be performed does not require significant project management oversight and resources to control the risk, scope, budget, and timelines. Sparkrock, at its discretion, may recommend that a project be initiated through a statement of work, rather than a Work Order to control the risk, scope, budget, and timelines, on the customer’s behalf.

Work Order Fees

Time spent by Sparkrock to prepare the detailed specifications and other documentation related to Work Orders will be charged on a time and materials basis with prior approval by the Customer. The total cost of a Work Order, inclusive of specification time noted here will be included as part of each Work Order and will require the customer's approval before development work can begin.

Current Hourly rates for services related to Work Orders are standard Sparkrock Client Services rates.
Note: These rates are subject to change on an annual basis.

  Level I Level II Level III Level IV
Project Manager 180 210 225 250
Finance Delivery Lead     225 250
Workforce Delivery Lead     225 250
Finance Consultant 185 210 225 250
Workforce Consultant 185 210 225 250
Developer 175 200 225 250
CRM Business Analyst 185 210 225 250
Quality Assurance 185 210 225 250


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