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Sparkrock's Customer Success Center

Growth Driven Design

Proactive Optimization

  • Biweekly project management and account care for the optimization of your solutions.
  • Can be used for all solutions from Sparkrock (CRM, ERP).
  • Growth driven consulting design with regular review of processes and reporting needs.
  • Driving to provide continuous end-user improvements. 
  • Direct access to consulting, training, development and solution architect resources.


  • You won’t have to spend your budget on hiring full-time technical experts to maintain and enhance your system
  • Your solution upgrades Go Live monthly, so the system that you rely on will never again lag your organizational priorities
  • There’s less risk with agile improvements compared to big bang-style projects
  • You’ll guarantee your system is always high performing
  • Don’t wait years for a major upgrade to receive the updates you need now
  • You’ll have guaranteed access to technical experts whenever you need them

Package comparisons

Project work 10 hours per month 25 hours per month 50 hours per month  
Status Calls 2 4 4  
Deliverables 8 hours per month 20 hours per month 45 hours per month  
Monthly Cost $2000 $5000 $10000  


Choose the right size for you based on how quickly you want to make improvements.



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