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Sparkrock's Customer Success Center

Accessing Support

Contacting Customer Support

Customer Support at Sparkrock is staffed by qualified professionals who will assist in resolving your software issues.

Support hours are from 8 AM to 8 PM EST Monday to Friday.

Contact information:

Online Customer Support

Customers are able to log a “case” with relevant information to enable Sparkrock support staff to quickly understand the nature and severity of the issue and assign it to an “owner” for resolution. Sparkrock may request additional information, such as issue reproduction steps, data files, screen captures, log files from the Customer to validate and work on a support case.

Case Severity

Customers are asked to assign a severity to their cases based on the definitions below.  Severity levels should reflect the impact on your organization and are subject to verification by Sparkrock.

Type Definition  
S1 – Critical System out of service (Live environment only) - A critical or material function of the Sparkrock Solutions is unavailable to all users and no workaround is available.  
S2 – High System impaired - An important function of the Sparkrock Solutions is unavailable and there is no workaround.  
S3 – Medium Functionality not working/Updates required - A critical or important function of the Sparkrock Solutions is unavailable, but there is a workaround, or a non-critical or non-important feature cannot be used as intended.  
S4 – Low Minor issue - A non-critical or non-important feature of the Sparkrock Solutions cannot be used as intended, but a workaround is available.  

Support Response based on Severity

For customers in Support, Sparkrock aims to meet the following response times to cases, according to the severity of the issue.

Severity Response Time Updates until resolution  
S1 – Critical * 2 hours Every 1/2 business day  
S2 – High 1/2 business day 1 business day or as agreed to in each situation  
S3 – Medium 2 business days As agreed to in each situation  
S4 – Low 5 business days As agreed to in each situation  

* Response times will be doubled After Hours.

Case Stage

Depending on where the incident is in the process it is assigned a Stage as follows:

Stage Description  
New The case has been logged but not assigned yet.  
Investigation/In Progress The case has been assigned to Technical, Developer, Consultant or Support Staff at Sparkrock.  
Not Reproducible The issue cannot be reproduced again.  
Estimate The issue or request involves a quote being provided and Sparkrock staff are working on providing this.  
Development The case has been escalated to the development team so a solution can be provided.  
Testing If the case has required development it is currently being tested.  
On Hold The Customer does not want any work to be done at the moment to resolve the case and does not want to remove it from the list of cases being tracked.  
Updated by Customer This is a workflow generated setting that occurs when the customer has updated or added a note to their case.  
Waiting for Customer Sparkrock Support Staff have worked on the case and are waiting for the Customer to reply. More information may be needed, the Customer may be required to sign off on additional time required to resolve the case, etc.  
Waiting for 3rd Party Vendor Some aspects of a Customer’s solution may have involved deployment of a 3rd party product (i.e. a software product that was not published by Sparkrock). Examples of these products include Microsoft Dynamics NAV or CRM, JET Reports, KwikTag’s, and the like. In some cases, Sparkrock needs to contact these vendors regarding actual or perceived software defects. If there are actual defects, Sparkrock will ask on behalf of the Customer for resolution. Our Customers may wait for the 3rd Party Vendor to fix the issue in a release or hotfix, or they may wish to engage Sparkrock to devise a shorter term fix. Such fixes will be provided on a time and materials basis and managed through a Work Order.  
Objects or Employee Center package delivered to the customer, waiting for confirmation of object deployment and testing.  
Complete Sparkrock has solved the issue and is waiting for the customer to confirm.  
Closed The Customer acknowledges that the case may be closed.  

Case Closure

Reminders will be sent for cases with the following statuses, if no response is received, they will be automatically closed.

Case Status Email notification Closure
Complete First reminder after 2 weeks. After 3 weeks.
Waiting for Customer First reminder after 3 weeks.
Second reminder after 4 weeks.
After 5 weeks.
Delivered First reminder after 3 weeks.
Second reminder after 4 weeks.
After 5 weeks.

Note: Answering the initial email or adding a note will keep the case open.

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