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You need the following prerequisites to set up Applicant Tracking:

  1. Supply two Dynamics 365 CRM instances, one for sandbox and one for production.
  2. Supply two Microsoft Portal instances, one for sandbox and one for production. You will need to connect each to the appropriate Dynamics CRM instance.
  3. Supply two NAV instances.
    Note: This is optional and only required if you intend to use NAV integration.
  4. Obtain the appropriate licensing you need for Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Portal, and NAV.
  5. Obtain Applicant Tracking license(s).
  6. Ensure you have the System Administrator role in Dynamics CRM, and the Administrator web role in the Microsoft Portal.
  7. You will need a local installation of the Dynamics CRM SDK.
    Note: You can download the SDK from Microsoft at
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