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Processing recurring payments


Recurring payments are processed via tokens that are stored on the donation gift.  You will need to set up a token when you require a recurring payment. 

To set up a token for a recurring credit card payment:

  1. Open a recurring Donation Gift.
  2. Click for more commands and choose Start Dialog.
  3. Select the SRPG – Process Payment – Create Customer Token dialog and click Add.
  4. The system will open a dialog allowing you to enter the payment information.
  5. Enter the payment information and click Next.
    Note: The first name field will contain the full name of the donor. This is due to a limitation in the system that will be addressed in a future release.
  6. The system will process data through the payment gateway and the dialog will complete. Click Finish on the completed dialog.
  7. Back on the Donation Gift record, refresh the page to see results.
    1. The Payment Gateway Information tab will now be populated, showing the results of the processing through the payment gateway.
    2. The Credit card information will be obfuscated and will not be stored in the database.
    3. The Payment Gateway Information section shows the customer token under the Payment Gateway Customer ID field.
      Note: The customer token is used by the payment gateway to process future transactions.

Future payments

  1. When the token is successfully stored on the Donation Gift record, future payments created by the system are created in a status of Scheduled. When the date they are due arrives, a workflow processes the payments through the payment gateway by using the token on the Donation Gift.
    1. The results of the payment processing will display under the Billing Information tab. The credit card information will be obfuscated and will not be stored in the database. The Payment Result section shows the response message.
    2. A response message of OK indicates the payment was successfully completed and the payment will go into a payment status of Completed.
    3. If there is an issue with the credit card and the payment gateway did not process, the payment response message will contain a Reject Message with a reject code and the payment status will become Payment Error. The reject codes are provided by iATS and are described here:
      recurring_donationpayment.pngNote: If the recurring payment is rejected by the payment gateway then it needs to be corrected and re-tried manually.
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