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EFT Payroll Journal Troubleshooting


  • Products: Sparkrock 2016, release 9.06 and later
  • Summary: Due to an error you are not able to post the Payroll Journal after the file has been exported and transmitted to the bank


  1. You are not able to create the EFT Direct Deposit file
  2. The Payroll Journal displays this error:
    Error message: A call to System.IO.File.Copy failed with this message: The network name cannot be found.
    Cannot Export Payroll Journal pp.png


The file path for the Export and Transmit folder in the Bank Account Card / Payroll Account / Transfer tab has a file path for which you do not have full read/write permissions.

Impact / Risks

Hard stop: You will not be able to complete the payroll journal processing and possibly miss the direct deposit deadline to the bank.


  1. Under Bank Accounts, select the bank account that is used to transmit payroll to the bank.
  2. You will need to be given full read/write permissions to the file path in fields Export File Path and Trans. Program Path.
    Note: Reach out to your IT support team.
    Bank account Card pp.png


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Update History

A permanent resolution is currently in testing. Updates will be added in this document when testing is complete.

Note: The table below reflects dates and actions pertinent to the history of this issue, including any links.

Date Details Link
14/04/2019 This information was originally created as part of the EFT Payment Journal Troubleshooting article.  
12/06/2019 There are now 2 Knowledge Base articles. This one is only Payroll Journal related. See link for the EFT Payment Journal Troubleshooting article. EFT Payment Journal Troubleshooting


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