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How do I use the CSC

PDF user guides are so last year.  Well, at least that's what we think.  

At Sparkrock, we know our solutions are critical to your operations running smoothly, and we're proud that our solutions give your organization the tools you need to make your difference. But what is one of the most important elements in the successful roll out of your new solution? We believe you should never have to wait for answers to your solution questions. Say goodbye to PDF user guides and searching your inbox for that product explainer email, and say hello to stress-free, easy-to-find answers. With the Customer Success Center you have a central, mobile, new and improved way to learn all about The Sparkrock Solution.

Product Learning Resources

Our product information has been organized under basic pillars to make it easy for you to find and access.


You can drill into each of these pillars to find Using our Solution, Training, and Setup and Configuration.

Using Training and Setup2.jpg

Receiving that PDF user guide and then having to print it off or scan it online to find that one screenshot you need is a thing of the past. Now that we've digitized and added all of our previous user guides to our new online platform, your staff can easily search for specific topics, functions, and keywords.  Just like Google, start with the search bar at the top of the page to find what you're looking for. Our Customer Success Center suggests the articles and content that is most closely related to your search term. And the very best news? You can use the pillar and category tiles to refine your search to the section you specifically want information about.

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Providing you with the answers to your questions as quickly as possible is our number one priority. The following overview will give you a feel of what you can find under each product pillar.

What's New

At Sparkrock we are committed to keeping you up to date on our newest releases. You will enjoy browsing our What's New pillar to find the latest updates as they are released.

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Using our Solution

Using our solution information is generally what your end users will access for finding out how to use your Sparkrock product. You will find this kind of content under our Manage -Finance, Manage - Workforce, and our Engage - CRM pillars.


When you want a quick overview of The Sparkrock Solution in video format, you can access the Training section under under our Manage -Finance, and Manage - Workforce pillars for quickly learning about the solution.

Setup and Configuration

Setup and configuration information is generally what personnel setting up your system will need to access when you are setting up your Sparkrock solution. You will find this type of content under our Manage -Finance, Manage - Workforce, and our Engage - CRM pillars.

Different Types for Different Learners

We know you have different preferences for the information you prefer to learn from. With this in mind, we have diversified our information presentation.

eLearning Webinars

Sparkrock is proud to present eLearning webinars to help you with your Sparkrock solution. See if one of our upcoming eLearning webinars is right for you, then follow the link to sign up. You can also browse our past eLearning topics and sing up to receive a recording.

Product Tour Webinars

Check out our upcoming Product Tours to learn about your Sparkrock solution and if the current one does not interest you, maybe a past Product Tour will spark your interest.

Written Information

Most of the written information you find is geared to lead you step by step through the process of using or setting up your Sparkrock solution.  These are what were formerly known as user guides and are generally found under the Using our Solution and Setup and Configuration sections of the Finance, Workforce and our CRM pillars.


We know not everyone is a fan of reading as a way of learning. That's why we now have so many videos to help you learn about your Sparkrock solution. Some of them are learning guides and some are short "snack" snippets to get you warmed up to your Sparkrock solution.

Learning Videos
Finance Link Workforce Link
  Finance Training   Workforce Training
K12 Reporting K12 Reporting    

How Tos

It is possible that you may not be a fan of reading all the instructions about your product. That is why you are able to access quick How To articles that can teach you that one specific operation you need to know now, in very short steps.

How To.jpg

CSC Feedback

It’s important that our Customer Success Center is helpful to you and your organization and includes all the resources you need to effectively and efficiently use your solution. Your opinion matters, and with your feedback we can tailor our information to fit your needs and consistently make updates to articles that need improving.


You can now rate articles by giving it a yes or a no, and if you have suggestions or can't find what you are looking for please email

Since this site is still in the works, we know it's not perfect quite yet. Moving to this new online platform will take time, so please be patient with us and we'll work hard to ensure this site becomes your go-to place for information. We built this site for you, and your feedback will help us make it even better.


PDF user guides are so last year, but if you still really want them, we've made sure you can still get them.

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