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Lists upcoming webinars and Product Tours hosted by Sparkrock.

 Live eLearning

Name Date & Time Description User Level
Managing Annual Tax Changes for Payroll December 13, 2018 11AM EST Covers a central understanding of:
  • An overview of the Sparkrock Tax Guide
  • The different Payroll Controls that are affected by the rate changes
  • How to update Brackets that affect taxes
  • How to test the new tax rate
Beginner to Advanced
Employee Center Setup - Part 2 January 10, 2019 at 11AM EST Covers a central understanding of:
  • Employee Center Configuration required for: Purchase requisitions, Online receiving, and Financial Analysis

    Note: Intended for  Employee Center Administrators who are responsible for the EWA setup in NAV.
Beginner to Advanced
Recurring General Journals February 14, 2014 at 11AM EST Are you manually keying in the same journal each month? NAV provides a solution to overcome this.

Recurring General Journals covers a central understanding of:
  • What recurring journals are about and how they can be used in your accounting activities
  • Different recurring methods and how they can be used
  • A step by step review of the process for creating recurring journals
Beginner to Advanced


Live Product Tours & Webinars

Name Date & Time Description
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