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Implementation Considerations

Dimensions and Budget Verification

Currently only the first six dimensions can be used in budget verification (Global Dimension 1, Global Dimension 2, Shortcut Dimension 3, Shortcut Dimension 4, Shortcut Dimension 5, and Shortcut Dimension 6).  It is possible to exclude some of these dimensions from budget verification, but it is not possible to include Shortcut Dimension 7, Shortcut Dimension 8 or any additional dimension in the verification calculations.

When setting up dimensions, ensure that the dimensions needed in the budget verification process are in the first six. 

For the practicality of budget verification and to ensure the clarity of verification results and warnings, use the following guidelines:

  • Minimize the number of dimensions used for verification whenever possible. Although the functionality supports verification for up to six dimensions, consider having the verification focus only on checking one or two dimensions. 
  • Use the Disable Budget Verification to exclude dimension values (within dimensions that are enabled) that either do not have budget allocations or where budget verification is not applicable.
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