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Setting up and Configuring AP Batch Management

Some configuration and set up steps need to be performed to initiate A/P Batch Management within your organization and to provide the required A/P personnel with access to the functionality.

Once these steps are performed, the A/P representatives and auditors can access and use the functionality.

Enabling A/P Batch Management

To enable the A/P Batch Management:

1. Navigate to the Purchases & Payables Setup using the Search field.

    The Edit-Purchases & Payable Setup window opens displaying the General Fast Tab.

2. Click to select the Enable A/P Batch Management check box.

3. If your policy is to have one person enter the batch and another person to audit it, click to select the Prevent Self Auditing check box. (If auditing is not required, leave this check box unchecked.)

4. Click to expand the Numbering Fast Tab.

5. From Batch No. Series drop-down, select your number series for A/P Batch (for example, APB).

6. Click OK to close the Purchases & Payables Setup window.

Providing A/P Users with Access to A/P Batch Functionality

For each A/P representative and auditor required to perform batch management duties, the user account must be enabled to allow access to various AP Batch functions, according to their role in the process. 

To enable user access to the batch management functionality:

1. Navigate to the User Setup using the Search field.

    The User Setup window opens.

2. Locate the user for which you want to enable A/P Batch Management functionality.

3. Select the following check boxes, depending on the user's role:

  • AP Batch Admin - enables the user to add invoices to batches created by other users.
  • Allow A/P Batch Creation - enables the user to create batches.
  • Allow A/P Batch Auditing - enables the user to audit batches.
  • Allow A/P Batch Deletion - enables the user to delete batches.

4. Repeat the process for all the users requiring A/P Batch Management functionality. 

To track the activity of A/P Representatives and A/P Auditors, there are also some statistical fields available in the User Setup windpw:

  • No. of A/P Batch Created
  • No. of A/P Batch Audited
  • No. of Documents Created
  • No. of Documents Audited

NOTE: If the columns containing statistics are not displayed, right-click over any column header and select Choose Columns.

NOTE: The No. of Documents Created and the No. of Documents Audited fields only count UNPOSTED invoices. 

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