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Processing Entitlements

To run entitlements:

1. Type Entitlements Worksheet in the search field.

    The Entitlement Worksheet displays.

2. Click on Load Entitlements in the ribbon

3. Enter a date in the As At Date field. 

4. Enter the Years of Service Calc. Date.

NOTE: The As At Date and Years of Service Calc. Date may be the same.  However, the dates may be different.  For example, your organization may run the entitlements in September every year (meaning the employee receives their new entitlement in September), an employee’s Years of Service are calculated as of the end of the prior school year (June 30th).  If that is the case, the As At Date will be September, and the Years of Service Calc. Date will be June 30th.

5. You may enter a description.

NOTE:  Consider entering Annual Entitlements (or something similar) as the description because it appears in the Absence Registration table and is visible to employees on Web Apps.

6. Click OK.

7. The Entitlement Worksheet reloads.

8. Validate the Worksheet

9. To post the entitlements click on Post Entitlements in the ribbon.

10. A confirmation text box displays.

11. Click Yes if you are ready to proceed.

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