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T4/T4A Report Configuration

Before an organization can begin using My Tax Forms on the portal to make T4 and T4A forms available to their employees, users must perform configuration steps to set up My Tax Forms for the particular organization’s requirements.

Organizations can run a report that can print T4/T4A forms and publish them on Employee Center .

To run a report for T4s/T4As:

  1. In the Search field, type either T4 EWA or T4A EWA and then select the page from the drop-down list.
    The T4 EWA/T4A EWA page displays.

  2. Complete the following fields on the Options FastTab:
    • Calendar Year: enter the year for which the T4/T4A pertains.
    • Test Print: add a checkmark to this check box to generate a test print.
    • Alignment: use these options to change alignment on the page.
    • Employees Per Page: specify the number of T4s or T4As you want to print per page.
    • Check for Invalid SIN Numbers: add a checkmark to this check box if you want the system to verify the validity of all SIN numbers you process.

      Note: T4 and T4A reports print on a preprinted form which can be used for printing T4 and T4A forms without making them available on the portal.
  3. Complete the following fields on the EWA Options FastTab:
    • Add a check mark to the Create EWA Copy field if you wish to enable employees to access their T4 on the portal.
  4. Click Print.

Note: When generating T4s to be displayed on Employee Center, the following limitations apply if Create EWA Copy field is checked:

  • Preview is not allowed.
  • Employees Per Page: Option Two per page is not allowed.
  • Test Print is not allowed.


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