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Accessing the T4 and T4A Data

Users may need access to the T4 and T4A data if they do not wish to display it in the Altus Employee Portals or for any other need.

To Access the generated T4 and T4A data

  1. In the View - Tax Forms AEP page click the Open File button in the Home ribbon.
  2. Open an already generated tax form.

Master AEP Setup

Users will need to preforms some configuration in the Master AEP Setup page to enable My Tax Forms in the Altus Employee Portals.

To setup the configurations in the Master AEP Setup page:


  1. In the search box type Master AEP Setup
    The Edit - Master AEP Setup page displays

  1. In the Temp SaveAsPDF Path field enter a name for temporarily storing the T4 and T4A forms before they are uploaded to the NAV database.

    note: This path is a location on the server hosting the mid-tier and is used to temporarily store the T4s and T4As before they are uploaded to the NAV database.

  2. Click OK to generate.

    Once generated and available in Tax Forms AEP, users can access the information through My Tax Forms on Altus Employee Portals.

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