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Setting up the Schedule Administrator Role Center

Configure the Training and Schedule Administrator Role Center for your master schedulers to give them the optimal menu structure for scheduling activities.

Although Scheduling features are available in the "HR Manager" Role Center and the Departments menu, the Training and Schedule Administrator Role Center provides the optimal menu structure for a user responsible for scheduling activities.  

To ensure the Training and Schedule Admin. Profile (Role Center) has been set up:

1. Search for Profiles in the Search box.

2. Click on the New button to create a new Profile if the Training and Schedule Admin. profile has not already been set up. 

3. In the Profile ID field, enter Training and Schedule Admin.

4. In the Description field, enter Training and Schedule Administrator.

5. In the Role Center ID field, enter 23032351.

    NOTE: All other fields are not mandatory. 

Training and Schedule Admin

6. Once you assign the Role Center to appropriate users, they will see this Role Center:

Training & Scheduler Admin Role Center


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