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About Sparkrock

An all-in-one solution to help you serve more people

Sparkrock is a solution that helps organizations manage their finance and accounting, human resources and payroll, case management, and donor and fundraising activities. Start with the features that you need and easily add more users or functionality modules as your organization grows. In the cloud or on your servers - Sparkrock helps you streamline your processes so you can get back to focusing on your organization’s mission.

Delivered securely via the Cloud

We understand that for you to find value in using the cloud, you must be willing to trust your solution provider with one of your most important assets—your data. Powered by Microsoft Azure, our cloud services give you the confidence that your client and constituent data is safeguarded against theft or fraud, and that you will always retain ownership of and control your data. 

We also know you run a lean organization. The less you spend on IT resources, the more you can invest in delivering high quality services for your clients. With the cloud, Sparkrock becomes an extension of your IT department and helps you free up internal technical staff to concentrate on supporting your organization’s broader mission.

Built on the robust Microsoft platform

When it comes to running your organization, the dream solution helps you manage your financial, workforce, client, and donor data in one integrated system. The goal is to have information pass from one department to the next without employees having to open up a number of different solutions to complete the process. Combined with the power of the cloud, Sparkrock’s solution seamlessly integrates Finance Management, Workforce Management, Case Management, and Donor Management together, as well as other applications in the Microsoft ecosystem, including:

  • Office 365
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • And more! 

This offers you the freedom to work anywhere and anytime across your devices, and gives you peace of mind that all of your data can pass seamlessly from one application to the next. No matter how you access and use your solution, you receive the same consistent experience and enterprise-grade security to protect your organization and your constituents.

The best of both worlds

Maybe we’re biased, but when it comes to providing you with a solution that’s targeted and robust, we believe that Sparkrock offers its clients the best of both worlds. 
Sparkrock takes Microsoft’s Dynamics Platform, including the $1.4 billion R&D investment that Microsoft makes, and invests another $1 million in Sparkrock R&D to customize the solution with vertical-specific features and functionality based on over a decade’s worth of experience working in the nonprofit sector. This means you end up with a solution that has cutting-edge modern technology, and the unique capabilities that are meaningful to you and your organization.


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