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Partnered for Success

SmartStart Implementation

Getting your staff up and running on your new solution is a priority. For one low, fixed price, SmartStart offers flexibility and freedom by allowing clients to implement at their own pace through access to both online training materials and structured training hours. Our consultants, who have deep subject matter expertise, oversee the entire process to make sure that implementation is completed accurately and thoroughly. This fixed price also makes it easy for your organization to budget correctly and understand the total cost of the project up front.

Professional Delivery

If your organization needs something customized, there is a unique way you wish to leverage our solution, or you simply want a more hands-on approach to your implementation than our SmartStart option, our team of expert consultants are available to accommodate any request. Your dedicated team of certified professionals will personally walk you through your implementation process and provide training, feedback and support along the way to ensure that your project is a success from kick-off to go-live.

Ongoing Training, Resources, and Support

Sparkrock Academy is designed to support you and your employees after implementation by providing access to a wealth of information on your new software, including training videos, user guides, worksheets, and templates. 

If you encounter any issues with your solution, our dedicated Support Team is on hand to quickly and easily help you resolve issues and provide more resources

Customer Advisory Board and Idea Portal

At Sparkrock, we don’t take shots in the dark when we’re deciding what to put on our product roadmap. Everything we add, improve, or imagine for the future comes from what clients say would make their lives easier, more efficient, or happier. 

Customers that have chosen to be on our Advisory Board meet throughout the year to let us know their opinion on our solutions and what functionality they would like to see added to upcoming product releases. This allows us to work with clients in developing our products to the benefit of our entire client community. 

For those who cannot attend the Advisory Board meetings, we also have an online Ideas Portal where registered customers can submit ideas, read though the ideas of their peers, and vote on enhancements or features they think will best help them accomplish their goals. These ideas are then added to our product roadmap for development.

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