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Sparkrock - Engage Foundation

Contact Management

  • Create contacts to organize key individuals and track their information—such as primary contact information, address, phone numbers—in order to learn about and gain a full story on the people you are trying to reach.
  • View all activities and tasks associated with each contact to get visibility into upcoming actions and follow-ups required in order to increase productivity. 

Account Management

  • Create accounts, match contacts to accounts, and track relevant information related to accounts in order to gain contextual data that will improve your engagement efforts. 

Relationship Management

  • Understand engagement opportunities by defining them for your contacts and accounts.
  • Create campaigns and events, match contacts to campaigns, and follow up in order to maximize your organization’s campaign reach.
  • Track and report campaign and event data to understand the effectiveness and success of these initiatives. 

Activity Tracking

  • Create activities and tasks to engage your contacts effectively and improve your team’s productivity.
  • Easily manage critical appointments and meetings from a single location with your solution’s robust scheduling tool. 


  • Easily create workflows to maintain best practices and assist in tracking critical organizational activities from start to finish.
  • Help teams complete organizational activities accurately and efficiently by following steps in the workflow process. 

Reporting and Dashboards

  • Create robust reports and easily configure new types of reports for different stakeholders in order to maintain organizational alignment.
  • Gain visibility into critical data through a variety of easy-to-read dashboards that assists with important organizational decisions.

Engage - Optional Modules

Donor Management

  •  Effectively manage regular and prospective donors in a single database, which captures contact and organization information that is easy to find and read. •  Build meaningful relationships with your donors and the system will efficiently track every interaction automatically.

Pledge Management

  • Your solution tracks open pledges against donors to make it easy to understand which donors to contact, and reduces manual effort by using automated email and notification workflows to follow up with donors.

Split Donation

  • Allow your donors to effortlessly contribute in larger sums by splitting large donation amounts across multiple campaigns or appeals. This will reduce the burden on donors without skewing your reporting (i.e. average donation size).

In Memoriam/Tribute

  • Efficiently contribute to funds for families and individuals by automating emails and thank-you letters being sent.

Soft Credit

  • Get better visibility by associating those who helped solicit the donation on behalf of your organization. Whether an individual and organization, track this information easily within the donation. 

Appeal and Designation

  • Effectively track sub-campaign or multi-location activities to gain data for detailed reporting and ways to help improve future events.

Recurring Payments

  • Capture and schedule recurring donations in an organized way, easily see the donation schedule, and efficiently follow up appropriately with the donor.

Receipts and Acknowledgements

  • Gain full control over receipts and acknowledgements, define templates, and retrieve donor and donation information automatically.
  • Enjoy a flexible user experience by getting a comprehensive set of templates based on a variety of uses (i.e. event, acknowledgement, major donor, etc).

Reporting and Dashboards

  • Create customized charts, views, and dashboards within your user-friendly solution. Put the most important information upfront with the click of a button.

Case Management

Staff and Program Management

  • Get organized and dive into details by creating staff profiles and program details and storing that information in a single place for easy access.
  • Set goals, objectives, and success criteria for your programs so that they are in strategic alignment with your organization, and make these goals transparent and visible to staff so they understand what it takes for your programs to succeed.

Service Provider Management

  • Make it easy and efficient for your staff to find information about service providers by defining the set of service providers that your organization works with, and link service providers to the programs they belong to.

Intake Process

  • Efficiently gather information during the intake process to learn about your clients’ situation to assess how you can help. 

Client Profile

  • Get peace of mind knowing that all client information is in a secure profile so that you are not required to maintain sensitive data in multiple, unsecure locations.
  • Configure restrictions in a role-based manner so that access to client information is only granted to those with permission to view the data.
  • As soon as ongoing program data is collected for clients, their corresponding profile will be updated automatically, which eliminates the need to manually enter data on multiple occasions so that you can spend more time helping your clients reach their goals

Goal Setting

  • Help your clients define their goals and objectives in an easy, organized, and transparent way, and create success criteria to ensure that these goals are measurable.

Program Enrollment

  • Make it easy and painless to enroll your clients in programs and select providers for those programs. A short and simple enrollment process means that your clients can start their programs faster and make progress quicker.

Outcome Tracking

  • Get in-depth visibility into your clients’ progress and outcomes from ongoing programs, and generate insightful and easy-to-read reports based on this information. •  Your solution saves you time by integrating the collected data back to the clients’ profiles. 

Reporting and Dashboards

  • Get visibility into your programs’ progress and how you can improve your programs by using statistics from ongoing client cases to track and generate reports on the success of your programs in real-time. Client data is protected at all times and are only shown to those with restricted access.
  • Generate many types of reports, depending on the audience, including internal stakeholders, client-specific reports for clients, and funder reporting for donors or regulatory bodies.

Applicant Tracking

Job Requisitions

  • Streamline your hiring process to recruit exceptional people by adding, modifying, and approving Job Requisitions when looking to fill an open position.
  • Create positions easily and post them onto the external talent portal to offer registered applicants the opportunity to view and apply for listed positions.


Tracking and Applicant Conversion

  • Monitor and review applications to gain better visibility into the hiring process, and filter candidates as they proceed through the selection process.
  • Applicants receive status notifications to ensure professional communications are maintained between the candidate and the hiring team.

Applicant Scheduling and Activities

  • Track interviews and hiring activities efficiently as qualified candidates advance to meet with the hiring team.
  • Manage job applications effectively throughout the selection process to continuously collect applicant information using Notes and Activities.

Offer Management

  • Manage all stages of the job offer process from initial request by the Hiring Manager to Senior Approval to extending the formal offer to the candidate.

Employee Onboarding

  • Seamlessly transition new hires to employees in your Payroll and Finance system, along with associated employee information

Communication Automation

  • Create marketing lists and campaigns that dynamically adjust based on your ideal donor candidates, which saves time and reduces headaches. •   Communicate more accurately with your prospective and active donors based on information within your solution

Online Payment Processing

  • Connect your solution with payment gateway tools in order to easily complete the full donation process—from pledge, to donation, to receipting—within a single window.


Online Portals

  • Take control of your online donation submissions and peer-to-peer fundraising with your robust solution. Provide a rich online presence for donors and events created by your organization.  
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