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Sparkrock's Customer Success Center

Project Teams

Sparkrock Project Staffing

The following table describes the various roles and responsibilities of the Project resources:

Role Responsibilities, including but not limited to:

Engagement Manager
  • Provides project oversight
  • Provides overall project quality assurance and point of escalation for both Project and Project team issues resolution
  • The senior Sparkrock representative on the Steering Committee
Project Manager
  • Creation of Project Marketing Plan, including Project plan, Resource Plan, Testing Plan, Cut-Over Plan
  • Establishing regular communication with the Customer PM and providing regular status and budget updates
  • Managing issues and risks using the Sparkrock Customer Portal
  • Managing scope and budget with Project Change Requests (PCR's)
Application Consultant(s)
  • Provide training for all new/modified process in the Sparkrock solution
  • Confirm solution is functional and free of defects for Customer User Acceptance testing including any customizations and modifications
  • Provide data migration advice and support
Development Consultant(s)
  • Modifications and customizations, including provision of costs estimates
  • Technical design specification documentation, where required by the Project manager
  • Unit testing of customizations and modifications
  • Contributing to a successful go-live by technically supporting cut-over activities

Customer Project Staffing, Roles, and Responsibilities

Customer ensures commitment and availability of the following resources for the implementation Project. The following table outlines the various roles and responsibilities of the Customer Project Team.

Role Responsibilities, including but not limited to:
Executive Sponsor
  • Provides Project oversight
  • Provides point of escalation for both project and project team issues resolution
  • Project sign off
  • "Authorized Project Representative" who shall be fully authorized to act on Customer's behalf with respect to the Project as defined in the Software License and Services Agreement.
  • Senior Customer representation on the Steering Committee
Project Manager
  • Responsbile for the overall management of the Project
  • Liaison with the Sparkrock Project Manager, and ensures regular communication, project status, and budget updates are received
  • Communicates Project status internally
  • Mobilizes internal resources to ensure Project continuity
Implementation Team Members
  • Assigned to the Project based on functional specialization
  • Responsible for learning the system through key user training and knowledge transfer through end user training
  • Validate system functionality by creating and executing test scripts
End-Users for Training
  • Participate in training programs
  • May be asked to validate system based on end user testing


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