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Pre-Installation Checklist

This topic helps you make sure you have all components installed and tested, and all necessary credentials provided to Sparkrock before the scheduled installation.

Pre-Installation Checklist Overview

This document is intended to be used as a checklist for not only our clients to understand what is required on their part but to lay out the scope of the project as well as a general list of tasks which need to be completed prior to configuration or testing. It is important to ensure that all of the following components are installed, tested and necessary credentials and other requested details are provided to Sparkrock prior to the scheduled installations; as this will help with a smooth installation process and keep the project on time and within budget.

All items in this guide should be completed by your IT Team and verified by your project PM.

Sparkrock consultants require the following information and access permissions before the Sparkrock Solution installations can proceed. Please complete this checklist and send these access credentials and configuration settings back to the Sparkrock project manager as soon as reasonably possible. The installation can then proceed after the Sparkrock project managers and technical consultants have confirmed that they have received this information and tested its’ accuracy and completeness.


It is recommended by Sparkrock that all clients should have the following Microsoft Dynamics NAV environments deployed:

  • Production – An environment used for daily transactions within NAV. This is the primary environment in which users will be working.
  • Testing/Quality Assurance – An environment used solely for testing and training purposes. No day to day work is performed in this environment but it is essential for testing and verifying changes to the databases before they are rolled out to the production environment.
  • Development Environment – In order to protect your data we would prefer a third environment be created for us to use for developing changes for you without your data ever leaving your network. This could share some of the hardware resources on your Testing/QA environment, but needs to be a separate Microsoft Dynamics NAV instance, SQL database, and Sharepoint instance.

Your IT Contacts

Sparkrock Technical Consultant(s) will contact these individuals during the installation process if any assistance or additional infrastructure information is required.

Primary Technical Contact

Contact Name:


Phone Number(s):


Subscription to Office 365 (yes/no):

Secondary Technical Contact

Contact Name:


Phone Number(s):


Subscription to Office 365 (yes/no):


Remote Access Connection Details

Sparkrock consultant(s) require the following information in order to be able to remotely access your environment and proceed with the installation. We also request that individual accounts are made for each Sparkrock consultant involved in order to audit our user’s activities and allow work to be done simultaneously by users.

Sparkrock recommends that passwords are delivered to us separately (via email, phone, text message,and so on) from the usernames. Please enter the preferred method for transmitting passwords in the listed password fields. Please don’t include any passwords in this document and if passwords are planned to be transmitted via email, please only send half via email and the other half via some other means so that the whole password isn’t stored in a single unencrypted location.

Remote Access Details (RDP or VPN)

Please provide details so that Sparkrock consultants can connect to your environment using either a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) or VPN. For security reasons, Sparkrock strongly recommends only allowing Sparkrock's public IP addresses to connect to your environment via RDP.

Connection type (VPN/RDP):  
VPN Connection Details
VPN name:  
VPN access URL or
IP address:
VPN user name:  
VPN password:

Please send password via text or email to 647-389-1228 or

VPN pass phrases:  
VPN setup instructions:  
RDP Connection Details
Server IP or Domain Name:  
RDP Username:  
RDP Password: Please send password via text or email to 647-389-1228 or

Sparkrock Consultant Accounts

Sparkrock recommends that each Sparkrock consultant have their own user account with the following permissions:

  • Local administrator privileges to all project-related servers.
  • Administrator privileges to all project-related SQL-server instances.

Alternately, depending on your IT policies, you can create a single domain user account for all Sparkrock consultants to share.

Username 1:  
Username 2:  
Username 3:  

Please send passwords via text or email to 647-389-1228 or Please do not put any connection detail within the text message or email.

Services Account

Sparkrock consultants also require service account setup for Employee Center to connect to Microsoft Dynamics NAV environments:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 Web Services Account

Account Name:



Please send Password via text or email to 647-389-1228 or

Note: set up the NAV web services account password to 'never expire'.

SharePoint Farm Service Account

Account Name:



Please send Password via text or email to 647-389-1228 or

Note: set up the NAV web services account password to 'never expire'.

 Application Server Details

Please provide your Microsoft Dynamics NAV, SharePoint, SQL, and (optionally) KwikTag server details:

  QA Server Development Server Production Server
NAV Server Name:      
NAV Server IP Address:      
SharePoint Server Name:      
SharePoint Server IP Address:      
SQL Server Name:      
SQL Server IP Address:      
KwikTag Server Name (optional):      
KwikTag Server IP Address (optional):      

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server SMTP Settings

Please provide the SMTP settings used by Microsoft Dynamics NAV to send out email:

SMTP Server:  
SMTP Server Port:  
Authentication Method
User ID:  
Password: Please send Password via text or email to 647-389-1228 or
Secure Connection
Sender Name:  
Sender Email Address:  
UPN Path: Note: UPN path that your NAV users and SparkRock consultants’ account have access and permission to add or remove files. This shared folder is used by NAV to generate NAV file for Email and EFTs.

Employee Center Settings

LDAP Connection String:  
Domain Name:  
Password: Please send Password via text or email to 647-389-1228 or

If you have multiple domains, the requirement is to use the same username and password on all domains and give them permission to access the LDAP.

Domain 1:  
Domain 2:   
Domain 3:  
Domain 4:  

Employee Center DNS Settings

Our current Employee Center solution is built on Microsoft SharePoint Application technology. To be able to run both QA and Production environments on two SharePoint servers, we will need to add another prefix to the URL. For example: is our domain. The production prefix points to the SharePoint production server.

SharePoint requires a wild card for the first prefix, so we need the following configured on the internal and external DNS server to point to the correct IPs.

Internal DNS Server Setup

* point to the SharePoint production server IP address.

* point to the SharePoint QA server IP address.

External DNS Server Setup

Note: configure this if you plan on making SharePoint accessible to the public. The QA server may not need to be accessible to the public, since its for testing only.

* point to the SharePoint production server's public IP address.

* point to the SharePoint QA server's public IP address.


NAT Firewall Settings 

Set the SharePoint production server public IP NAT to the SharePoint production server internal IP with ports 443 and 8885.

Set the SharePoint QA server public IP NAT to the SharePoint QA server internal IP with ports 443 and 8885.

Wildcard SSL Certificate

Because Microsoft SharePoint generates a random number on the URL prefix for each deployment, wildCard SSL is required for external access to Employee Center. For internal access only, then it depends on your IT polices.

Due to SharePoint App Setting and the extra prefix, most customer’s WildCard SSL will not work properly. A new wildcard SSL will be required, which includes the extra prefix. Using our example above, a new wildcard SSL certificate would be purchased with the domain * and *

Additional Items

  • Please install Microsoft Office Suite 2013 (or later) on both the QA and Production NAV application servers.
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