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Database Components for SQL Server

Hardware Requirements

The following section shows the minimum system requirements for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 database components for SQL Server:

Component Minimum Recommended
Server 64-bit system 64-bit system
Processor Dual core, 2.5 gigahertz (GHz)

Dual processors that are each 3 GHz or faster


Quad Core that are each 2.5 GHz or faster

RAM 4 gigabyte (GB) (Windows minimum) 8 GB or faster depending on the expected number of concurrent users.
Disk NTFS file system–formatted partition with a minimum of 10 GB of free space NTFS file system–formatted partition with 50 GB of free space depending on expected database growth
Software/Licensing Requirements
Operating system

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 runs on and 64-bit operating system editions.

Windows 7 SP1 Professional, Ultimate or Enterprise (64-bit Edition).

Windows 8, 8.1 Professional, Enterprise (64-bit Edition).

Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, or Education (64-bit Edition).

Windows Server 2012 Standard or Essentials (64-bit Edition).

Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard or Essentials (64-bit Edition).

SQL Server

The database components run on the following versions and editions of SQL Server:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express, Standard or Enterprise.

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 2 Express, Standard, or Enterprise (64-bit editions only).

Azure SQL Database V12 Standard and Premium service tiers.

If the operating system on the target computer does not support SQL Server 2012 SP2 Express, the Setup will display a prerequisite warning. In this case you should exit Setup and then update the operating system on the computer to one that does support SQL Server 2012 SP2 Express. Then run Setup again.
MS SQL Server CALs

MS SQL Server – Per processor licensing


Server plus a CAL for each user


Guidelines for Required CALs when not using per processor licensing:

Dynamics NAV Users – SQL CAL Required for each user who will access Dynamics NAV

Acquired Dynamics ERP Product and Acquire SQL Server Enterprise or Standard under the Server/CAL model.

SQL Server CAL Requirements: SQL Server user CAL for every user using Dynamics ERP


SQL Server device CALs for every device on which Dynamics ERP is installed

Employee Web Apps(EWA) Users – SQL CAL is required for each user who will use the portal

Users or Devices who are accessing SQL Server components (e.g. Reporting Services) require CALs

Use of hardware and/or software that reduces the number of devices or users that directly access or use the software (multiplexing/pooling) does not reduce the number of CALs required. See multiplexing section in Chapter 5 for more information.

If a user or device is accessing an application that connects to SQL Server (directly or indirectly), a CAL is required—even if/when the application and SQL Server are running on different physical hardware systems.

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