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About Accounts Payable Batch Creation

For many clients, the volume of purchase invoices that come into the Accounts Payable department for processing and payment is quite substantial. Depending on your organization, many individuals may be required to enter invoices into the system at any given time. A/P Batch Management was created to provide users with a tool to streamline this process in an efficient and accurate manner. 

The batch management workflow is divided into two main roles:

  • Accounts Payable Representatives: This first group of users reviews the invoices and then enters all the A/P Invoice transactions in a batch. Then these individuals release the batches for auditing and posting. They can also re-open released but unaudited transactions for corrections/changes. Depending on the process, the A/P representatives may also be responsible for posting the audited batches.
  • AP Auditors: This second set of users is the group that audits and potentially posts the batches. These individuals can also re-open released batches for analysis before posting. If errors or omissions are found, the A/P Auditors send the batch back to the A/P representatives for correction and re-submission.


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