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Configuring Vendor Setup

Vendor Card

To configure the Vendor Card:

  1. In the Search field, type Vendor. 
  2. Select a vendor and double-click to open. Or, go to Departments > Financial Management > Payables > Lists > Vendors.
    The Vendor Card displays.

There are several FastTabs on the Vendor Card:

FastTab Description
General Vendor general contact and relevant details are entered and saved.
Communication Vendor phone, fax, email, home page, and IC partner code.
Invoicing Vendor specific invoice type setups are entered such as tax codes. Several of the fields on this card will cause a certain behavior of Vendor entries within the system.
Payments Vendor specific payment and relevant information is entered such as payment terms.
Receiving Vendor specific receiving information is entered, such as which location goods are received, lead times, and so on.
Foreign Trade Vendor specific currency information such as whether this vendor is transacted within a different currency, what the vendor's check formats are, and so on.
Vendor Reporting Vendor tax reporting information.

General FastTab


The following fields are on the General FastTab:

FastTab Description
No. Vendor number in the NAV system. This can be either manually entered, or auto-numbered depending on the no. series. 
Name, Address, Phone, etc. This is the vendor's main contact and Buy-From info which is usually the Pay-To as well but can be different (see Invoicing FastTab). The Name is what is printed on the check.
Primary Contact No.  This is a drop-down list from the contact database in the Relationship Management area. A contact and address for the contact person at the vendor can be selected if a list exists. 
Contact If not using the contact from the Relationship Management area, enter a contact here. 
Search Name A search name to search for a vendor when you cannot remember the vendor number. Defaults from the vendor name, but can be edited. You can also use the Name 2 field as the secondary name field.  
Balance Flow field showing current AP balance based on the total in the vendor's ledger entries.
Purchaser Code Purchaser (Buyer) assigned to this Vendor from a table of valid purchasers.
No. of Request Lines Purchase Requests Line list.
Purchases ($) Vender ledger entries.
Responsibility Center Responsibility center will administer this vendor by default. Likely not used at all.
  • Empty - indicates that this vendor can be sold to.
  • All - prevents any transaction from being posted for this vendor.
  • Payment - prevents payments from being made via suggested vendor payments.
No. of Categories Displays the vendor categories.
Last Date Modified Shows last date when the Vendor card was modified by a user.
No. of Changes Change log entries for the current vendor card.
Has Order Addresses Check if current vendor has other addresses or not.
Invoice Type Specifies the invoice type This determines what defaults as the invoice posting description on Accounts Payable invoices. Options are:
  • Default
  • Expense
  • Utility 
  • Credit Card
  • Blank Description
EWA Vendor Instructions Specifies any instructions required for this vendor. 

Communications FastTab


The following fields are on the Communications FastTab:

FastTab Description
Phone No.  Phone number of the vendor, normally accounts payable or sales person.
Fax No.  Fax number of the vendor.
Email Email address of the vendor.
Home Page Home page of the vendor.
IC Partner Code Used for intercompany sales transactions if the vendor is another company within the group. 

Invoicing FastTab


The following fields are on the Invoicing FastTab:

FastTab Description
Pay-to Vendor If the vendor is paid different form the vendor that the order is placed with or does the delivery (i.e. Stables head-office bills for one of the branches), select that vendor's number or fill in here. The program will enter this vendor number on quotes, orders, invoices, and credit memos as a default which the user will be able to change. 
Tax Liable This box should be checked if sales taxes are to be charged to this vendor during purchase transactions.
Tax Area Code Use the drop down to enter the proper tax table for this vendor.
General Business Posting Group This determines which GL accounts the purchases will be posted to. Based on the type of vendor, select from list of valid choices,

Note: This field is only used if the Inventory module is active.
Tax Bus. Posting Group Only for VAT.
Vendor Posting Group This determines which GL accounts for AP, interest, and so on are posted to. Based on the type of vendor, select from a list of valid choices. 
Withholding Tax Code Setup for foreign vendors if you are obliged to pay the vendor the invoice amount less the withholding taxes and remit the withholding taxes to CRA.
Prices Including VAT Do not check - this can be used to price all goods including tax.
Prepayment % If normally this vendor must be prepaid for orders, enter the % which becomes the default on all new POs for this vendor.
Default GL Account This determines which GL account will be used for posting invoices from this vendor.

Payments FastTab


The following fields are on the Payments FastTab:

FastTab Description
Application Method Select how to apply payments from vendors to outstanding amounts:
  • Manual - applying payments to specific documents by selection
  • Apply to Oldest - if no document is selected for the payment to be applied to, the program will apply the payment to the oldest of the vendor's open entries.
Payment Term Code Payment terms for this vendor for a list of valid payment terms. This is used to calculate the invoice due date
Payment Method Code Method that the vendor usually uses to submit payment (For example, check or EFT).
Priority The priority field can be used if only a limited amount is available for payments. In this case, assign a priority to each vendor:
  • empty (0) - no priority
  • 1 - the most important vendors
  • 2 - the next most important vendors
IRS 1099 Code This field shows the code for the 1099 that the vendor entry is linked to. (US Only).
Tax Registration No. Specifies the vendor's tax registration number.
RFC No. Specifies the RFC (Registro Federal de Contribuyente) tax identification number for Mexican vendors.
CURP No. Specifies the unique fiscal card identification number. (Mexico Only).
State Inscription Specifies the tax ID number. (US Only).
Our Account No. Account number on the vendor's system.
Employee No. Specifies the employee number.
Note: This field only applies if you are using the HR module.
Misc. Vendor Enable this option for vendors that you may not have future transactions with.
Block Payment Tolerance A check mark in this field indicates that the vendor is not allowed payment tolerance.

Receiving FastTab


The following fields are on the Receiving FastTab:

FastTab Description
Location Code Default warehouse a vendor shipment is received into.
Shipping Method Code The default method code (i.e. pickup, delivery, etc.).
Shipping Agent Code This is the default agent of shipping to this vendor such as UPS, DHL, etc.
Lead Time Calculation Enter the time it takes from when the order is placed to when the order is delivered to FSI (that is, 5D is 5 days, 1W is 1 week). The program uses the Lead Time field to calculate planned delivery date and the promised delivery date on the purchase order.
Base Calendar Code Not used.
Customized Calendar Not used.

Foreign Trade FastTab


The following fields are on the Foreign Trade FastTab:

FastTab Description
Currency Code Blank if the vendor is transacted in Canadian dollars.
Language Code If the vendor has to be transacted on documents in their local or own language it can be selected here. 
Bank Communication Always English.
Check date format The format to be used on the checks (for example, MM DD YYYY). This overrides the Bank Account card default.
Check Date Separator Code to separate the date on a cheque (normally 'blank'), normally '-' -- Canadian Check Standards

Vendor Reporting FastTab


FastTab Description
T4A Vendor Enable this check box to include a T4A form for this vendor.
First Name Vendor first name as it appears on the T4A form.
Last Name Vendor last name as it appears on the T4A form. If the Tax ID Type is Legal Entity, then the company name goes in this field.
BN Number Specifies the nine-digit business number assigned by Canada Revenue Agency. This field is only required if the vendor is a legal entity.
SIN Number Social Insurance number. Fill out this field instead of BN Number when the Tax ID type is Natural Person.
Tax Identification Type The tax identification type. Can be either:
  • Legal entity
  • Natural person
W9 Sent Enable this check box to include a W9 form with payment. (US Only).
W9 Received Enable this check box to indicate that a W9 form was received. (US Only).
W9 Expires Date Specify the date on which the W9 form expires. (US Only)
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