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This topic covers an introduction to Employee Center and gives you an understanding of how it will help your Employees, and Human Resources department.

If you want to configure Employee Center for French so it works with the Sparkrock solution in French, see Employee Center Setup for French (Canada).


Employee Center is a central repository for information about your company. It provides employees with access to documents, calendars, and other information about the organization. It also provides access to personal information for employees and managers.

You may know Employee Center by one or more of its previous names: Employee WebApps (EWA), Altus Employee Portals (AEP), or simply the 'Portal'. Some of these older names and abbreviations persist as names for certain setup pages and functions. Regardless of the name, Employee Center places the power of the Sparkrock Manage solution in the hands of your organization's users.

For employees, Employee Center provides access to vacation balances, training registration, time sheets, pay stubs, qualifications, tax forms, tasks, purchase requisitions, payment requests, expense claims, time off requests, and employee schedules.

For managers, in addition to their own personal information, Employee Center provides access to HR requisitions, pending appraisals, time entry and time off approvals, and submitted purchase requisitions, payment requests, and expense claims. For employee scheduling, unit supervisors can review and adjust their unit schedules.

You can define the Employee Center configuration that best suits your organization. For example, you can provide employees with a wide variety of self-service tools and options for managing their own data and for submitting requests. Or you can limit their access to ‘view only’ or make certain information not visible at all, if that is the standard/preference within your organization.

Functions of Employee Center

Employee Center options you provide to employees serve two distinct functions:

Reduce burden on your Human Resources department

Employee Center enables:

  • employees to update personal information directly
  • managers/principals to initiate HR requisitions electronically
  • requests for purchases, payments, and expense reimbursements to be submitted electronically
    • These requests are automatically funneled to the appropriate inboxes for HR, Purchasing, and A/P personnel
  • email notifications for approvals

Empower employees

Employee Center enables employees to:

  • access their personal information directly
  • view available training events
  • understand the status of their qualifications
  • view outstanding tasks and complete them online
  • access benefit plan details online
  • understand terms and payroll details
  • create and submit purchase requisitions, payment requests, and expense claims
  • review and analyze budget data to determine availability
  • complete and submit time sheets
  • review and manage their schedules and shifts.


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