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About Employee Center Access Configuration

This topic details the variety of ways you can configure Employee Center access for users, including deployment and authentication options.

Configuring Deployment Options

The deployment choices include:

  • Intranet – users can only access Employee Center when they are on your domain and network.
  • Extranet – users can access Employee Center from anywhere over the internet.
  • Mixed mode – users may access Employee Center either internally or externally.

note: This information is provided as part of the Employee Center installation checklist and the Employee Center installation process in accordance with specific client deployment selection and is performed prior to deployment by your Consultant.

Configuring Authentication Options

The authentication choices include:

  • Forms (Windows) – Users log on to the Employee Center using a Windows account. Users are prompted for a user ID and password, but the credentials entered are the network ID and password. All users must have an active network account to access the Portals.
  • Forms (Email) – Users connect using their email account and an Employee Center-specific password. Users do not need an active network account to access Employee Center.  

Managing Account Setup

Employee Center user accounts can be set up (and some aspects of that account managed) with Managed Registration. Administration staff can pre-set up the accounts and link the email address or pair the Windows account with the user's Employee Center account.
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