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Running Reports

This topic explains how to run reports that expose the data and function connections between Employee Center and NAV.

Load Standard Page Data Report 

To begin the configuration process you should start by running the Load Standard Data report from Periodic Activities. This report function loads the standard EWA page groups, EWA pages, and exposes the data and function connections between Employee Center and NAV. When you run this process, you need to upload the images for the individual page group.

Run this report as an installation step before or during installation to enable you as the Administrator to test Employee Center and also provide your organization with a standard page configuration to work with initially to give you a starting point in the set up of your own.

To load standard page data:

  1. In the Search field, enter EWA Load Standard Page Setup. The EWA Load Standard Page Data card opens.
  2. Click OK.

Loading Option Strings Report

Some values on Employee Center come from the Option Strings in NAV. Before performing any action on Employee Center, a Sparkrock consultant or Administrator needs to go to the Classic client and perform the following steps.

To import option strings:

  1. Open Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
  2. In the Search field, type EWA Setup.
  3. Select Edit Setup.
    The Edit Setup card displays.
  4. From the Ribbon, click Load Option Captions.
    The Load Option Strings card opens. 
  5. In the Language section, enter the three-letter language code for each language that you want to load. Options are:
    • ENU (US English)
    • ENC (Canadian English)
    • FRC (Canadian French)

note: To load French option strings, you must first import the NAV language pack for FRC.


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