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Configuring Standard Text Codes

The Standard Text Codes page is used to enter texts that are often used, such as "Shipping Charge" or "Monthly Depreciation."  A code is assigned to each text - then, when entering the code in the No.field on a line where the Type field is Blank (for example, on an invoice), the program will enter the entire text in the Description field. Entering a question mark, followed by the code, in a text field (such as the Description field in a general journal), will cause the entire text to be entered in the field.

Standard texts can be set up as single-line or extended texts (covering multiple lines). A standard text can be part of a customer's address, a posting text used in the general journal, or anything else that is used repeatedly.

To set up Standard Texts:

  1. Navigate to Departments > Administration > Application Setup > Financial Management > General > Standard Test Codes.
    The Standard Test Codes page displays:

  2. To add a new code, from the Ribbon click  New.
  3. In the Code field, enter a code for the standard text.
  4. In the Description field, provide a description for the standard text.


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