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Permissions Recorder

This is a convenient way of creating new permission sets and happily is very simple to use.

1. Create a new permission set.

2. Go to permissions and the action tab. Start the recorder.

3. Leaving the page open, perform the functions that you need to create the permission for (you will be a super user to do this) Once completed hit the Stop button.

4. The permissions will then be populated. To keep in line with the separate read permissions you should delete all the read permissions and only keep insert, modify and delete.

Useful information

On the permission set page are three options that help to manage users and their permissions.

These provide at a glance what users have which permissions or are inheriting permissions from user groups.

Tips on Managing Permission Errors

When users get permission errors, always request a screen capture – this will inform you of exactly what is missing. There are a few possible reasons a user would see a permission error. It could be due to the user needing a permission set that they don’t already have, a permission set that they have is missing a particular permission, or the user is attempting a forbidden action.

All permission changes should be sanctioned by the appropriate official.

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