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Integration Overview

This topic describes the four main areas of the eBASE Work Order Management integration.

The eBASE Work Order Management Integration is used by Facilities Services in most of the school boards in Ontario. Integrating eBASE Work Order Management with Sparkrock's Finance module provides the following benefits:

  • Prevents duplicate data entry and increases productivity
  • Reduces errors due to the single-entry model
  • Provides the Facilities Services department with enhanced visibility to accounting information
  • Improves the workflow to ensure vendors are paid for services rendered

The integration consists of four main areas that are described below:

Vendors (from eBASE to Sparkrock)

A subset or vendors should be integrated from Sparkrock Finance & Procurement to eBASE.


  1. The EWA User Profile will be assigned to the EWA User which is created for eBASE to define a type of Vendor (Vendor Posting Group).
  2. This is exported to eBASE.  

Integration Mechanism:

  1. Sparkrock has created a web service that would expose Vendor master data for vendors identified for integration. 

Work Orders (from eBASE to Sparkrock)

Work orders that have been identified as being fulfilled by an external contractor trigger the creation of a Purchase Requisition in Sparkrock Finance.


  1. Sparkrock sends information about Expense Types and Dimension Combination Codes that the eBASE users fill in on the respective order.
  2. This information is then transferred to the newly created Purchase Requisition.

Integration Mechanism:

  1. Sparkrock has created a web service that would allow eBASE to send the necessary data to create and submit the document.
  2. Data should include Work Order No. Vendor, Type of Expense, Date, Amount and any segmentation (Function, Object, Panel, Location, Program etc). 

Blanket Orders (from Sparkrock to eBASE)

In many cases, blanket orders are created in Sparkrock Finance at the beginning of the fiscal year to track certain contracts or block spending commitments. In some cases, these blanket orders are consumed by the Facilities Services through various work orders.


  1. Blanket Orders in Sparkrock Finance are Purchase Orders that have a specific PR Type and have the same vendor as the work order in eBASE.

Integration Mechanism:

  1. Sparkrock has created a web service that would allow eBASE to receive a list of blanket orders for the respective vendor. 

Work Order Status Updates (from Sparkrock to eBase)

eBASE Work Orders need to be updated with status changes as transactions are processed in Sparkrock Finance & Procurement.  

Integration Mechanism:

  1. Sparkrock has created a Work Order Log that tracks the status of the eBASE work order as it moves through the purchasing cycle, from the creation of the Purchase Requisition, through the Purchase Order and Purchase Invoice.
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