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How to Run T4As for Vendors

This topic explains how to run T4As for Vendors.

User Setup

  1. In the Search field, type User Setup and select the page from the drop-down list.
    The User Setup page displays.

  2. Select the user that will be running the T4As, and from the Home Ribbon, click Edit.
    The User Setup card displays.
  3. Expand the Security tab.

  4. Add a checkmark to the Allow Edit T4A check box.
  5. Click OK.

Company Information Setup

  1. In the Search field, type Company Information and select the page from the drop-down list.
    The Company Information page displays.
  2. Expand the Vendor T4A FastTab.

  3. Complete the Vendor T4A Fields. The telephone number format required is 3 numeric, followed by (-) and 4 numeric (for example, 999-9999). The T4A Transmitter No. field must be in the format MM + 6 numeric. For example: MM555555.


  • If you are filing one return only and do not have an existing Transmitter number please use generic transmitter number MM555555 to file this return. If you wish to obtain a Transmitter number, please call Revenue Canada 1-800-665-5164 to obtain one.
  • If you will be filing more than one return, please use the Transmitter (MM) number that Revenue Canada assigned to you. If you do not have a transmitter number and will be filing more than 1 return, please call Revenue 1-800-665-5164 to obtain one.
  1. Click OK.

Vendor Card Setup

For each vendor that will be getting a T4A from Finance:

  1. In the Search field, type Vendors and select the page from the drop-down list.
    The Vendors List displays.

  2. Select the vendor that you want to configure and from the Home Ribbon click Edit.
    The Vendor Card displays.
  3. Expand the Vendor Reporting FastTab.

  4. If not already enabled, add a checkmark to the T4A Vendor checkbox.
  5. Complete the First Name and Last Name/Company Name fields.
    Note: If the T4A vendor is a business entity, the business name has to appear in the Last Name field.
  6. Complete the BN Number field. Use the format: <9 digits>RP<4 digits>
  7. Click OK.

View or Edit AP T4As Information

Use the following pages when working with T4As:

  1. T4A Posted Purch. Inv. Lines: use this page to view, add or remove the T4A flag and select T4A boxes for the applicable posted purchase invoice lines. 
  2. Print AP T4A: use this page to print a pdf T4A.
  3. Export AP T4A to XML: use this page to create the export file for AP T4A.
    Note: You will need Sparkrocks assistance for the schema. Open a support case for this.
  4. AP T4A codes: use this page to create your T4A box list.

Purchase Invoice Page Setup

Make sure that the T4A column is visible on the Purchase Invoice page's Invoice line:

  1. Open the Purchase Invoice page.
  2. In the Lines FastTab, click the Actions icon and then click Customize.
    The Customize Lines page displays.

  3. Move the T4A Box column to the Show Columns in This Order field.
  4. Click OK.
  5. When working on the invoice you must select the T4A Box for the line:

  6. Configure your AP T4A boxes. This is the list you will see when choosing the box for your invoice line.

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