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Copying, Deleting, and Exporting Expenses

Copying Expenses

If you have multiple expenses of the same amount or type it may be faster to copy an existing expense instead of starting from scratch. Imported (credit card) expenses cannot be copied. Attachments are not copied with the expense.

To copy an expense:

  1. To copy an expense from the Expenses page, click the Copy duplicate_icon.png icon on the expense line that you want to copy. 
  2. To copy an expense from an expense claim, click the Duplicate duplicate_icon.png icon on the expense line you want to copy.
  3. Update the expense details as required. Refer to Creating Expenses for more information.
  4. Click Save.

Deleting Expenses

You can delete expenses that you create as well as expenses that have been added to claims. When you delete an expense it is permanency removed from the system. For credit card expenses you can also detach an expense are return it to the expense list.

To delete expenses:

  • Click the Delete delete_icon.jpg icon on the expense line that you want to delete.

Exporting Expenses

You can export any expense that has not been processed or linked to a claim. You can also export expense claims. For more information, see Exporting Expense Claims.

To export expenses:

  1. From the Expenses & Claims page, navigate to the Expenses tab.
  2. Click Export at the top of the expense page. An XSLX file (Expenses.xls) downloads that can be opened in Microsoft Excel.
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