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Accessing Financial Analysis

The Employee Center home page displays a menu bar. The menu bar is a navigation tool that is available throughout most of Employee Center. You can utilize the Finance & Purchasing menu item to access Financial Analysis. This enables you to review and analyze financial data to determine your organization’s budget status. The financial information provides you with insightful data for planning and managing resources.

To access Financial Analysis:

  1. From the Employee Center menu bar, click on Finance and Purchasing and then click Financial Analysis.
      The Financial Analysis page displays.


NOTE: If the organization has more than one company set up, you can easily switch companies by clicking on the arrow in the bottom right corner and selecting the appropriate company.

Switching Between Employee Center Functions

You can switch between the My Self Service, Finance & Purchasing, Manager Self Service, Scheduling and Administration menu items at any time and from anywhere in Employee Center. You also have the ability to switch to any other link within the Finance & Purchasing menu at any time without returning to the home page.

To access any part of Employee Center:

  1. Across the top of any page in Employee Center, click on any of the menu options in the menu bar and the list of available links will drop-down.

  2. Select the link you wish to view and click it. 


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