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How to Copy Dimension Combinations

Do you need to copy a complete set of Dimension Combination records? Let’s walk through the steps so you can do this.


You can use the copy dimensions feature to quickly create a new set of Dimension Combination records using a single filter for one or more of the dimensions. For example, a school board opens up a new school and wants to create the same Dimension Combination records using the data that is currently setup for an existing school for the new school.

Copying Dimension Combinations

Note: If you filter the Dimension Combinations window using the Filters box, these filters are applied to the Copy Dimension Combinations window.

  1. In the Search field, type Dimension Combinations.
    The Altus Dimension Combinations window displays.
  2. From the Ribbon, click Copy. The Copy Dimension Combinations window displays.
  3. In the Copy From section, specify filters as required to select the dimension combination that you want to copy from. 
  4. In the Copy To section, specify the new dimension values for the copied dimensions.
  5. Click OK.
    In the following example, all dimension combinations with Project Code = 0P1 and Location = 12 are copied to Project Code = P300 and Location = 70.
    Note: The Code field from the Altus Dimension Combinations window must contain the Copy From value from at least one of the specified dimensions. For the above example, a Code value of 2000-01-0000-12-3617 or 2000-01-0000-0P1-3617 will result in a new record since the system cannot locate either the “12” or “0P1”.  If both exist in the Code field, a new record will be created. If the new record already exists, the system will not modify the existing record.
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