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How to create and assign data sets in Employee Center

Data Sets are a group of predefined GL accounts and Dimensions to facilitate analysis of accounting information in web environment.  Each Data Set represents a view that will help the user review the financial status of the organization.

Creating data sets

To create a new data sets:

  1. Enter Data Sets in the search field and select the link or use following link: Department --> Administration --> Application Setup --> Web Apps --> and select Data Set.
  2. On the screen of existing data sets, you can also edit existing sets, select New from the ribbon to create the data set.
  3. On the newly created line enter the following field values:

The table below describes the different tabs shown in the image in detail. 

Field Name Details
Code Select a unique code to identify the data set.
Description Brief description of the information that will be provided by the analysis.
Prevent Drill Down Select this field if you want to restrict drill down to transactions for users.
Row Display Choose between G/L Account or any of the dimensions to appear in rows.
G/L Account Filter Define the accounts that are to be included in the report.
G/L Budget Name Select the budget that is being used for comparison (approved budget).
Default Start Date Start date for data in the reports. 
Default End Date Date up to which data will be pulled. 
Dimensions Multiple columns to filter the view for the users; can be one, more, or a series. 
Dimension Ignore  
EWA User Filter Select this if you want to override restrictions/access on User's setup card.
Captions In these columns, you can choose to have different display of column headings.
  1. Click OK when finished.

Assigning data sets to users

  1. In NAV, go to EWA Users list to assign the data set.
  2. Highlight the user you are assigning the data sets to and click on Financial Analysis Data Sets
  3. On the pop up screen select New.
  4. Leave the EWA User Name field and go to Data Set Code column and select the data set that needs to be assigned.
  5. In the Access Start Date and Access End Date populate values for the user to have access to the selected report.
  6. Repeat this for assigning more data sets as needed.
  7. Click OK.
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