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Section 7

This report is part of the Sparkrock EFIS reporting package and is quite simple to use.

To use the report

There is an extensive Option Box that appears each time you run Section 7.  The report options are shown at the right.

The first block you will likely change each time you run the report.  The second block of options you will likely set once and forget.  These options persist which means you won't have to re-enter them each time. The only time you might change the second block is if you added a Job Code.

Once you run the report all of the other tabs populate.  The main Section 7 will be familiar to you and that is the end goal, to get this report to be correct.  The other four tabs, both Pivot, and Details for Teachers and Principals are to help you ensure that the Section 7 report is correct.

These four sheets list all of the Pay Grades and Pay Steps that you have even if they are null or some value that is not allowed by the Ministry.  This is important because you need to deal with such entries before submitting to the Ministry

Hopefully, you have no errors but if you do these four sheets will help you track them down.  Start by looking at the Pivot tables for each of Teachers and Principals.  All the valid Grades and Steps will be there along with any invalid ones.  You can trace the invalid one by either double clicking on the totals at the bottom of the column or the right edge of the row that is wrong.  A new sheet will pop up with those entries on it.  Or, if you prefer, you can go to the respective Details tab and use the drop downs to filter down to only the error values.

Once you have fixed any errors in NAV then press the Jet Refresh button and check your work one more time in the same fashion.  Once there are no errors, save it and send it in. 

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