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The Navigate page helps you analyze business figures across the whole database. The page is available from all tabular pages that display posted entries. You can also reach it directly from the History menu folder for most application areas.

The Navigate page can be used as a context-sensitive search, meaning that it contains the information about the line for which it is opened.


In the example above, the Navigate page results show the first customer ledger entry for customer 01121212. The top and middle sections display information about the selected transaction, namely the selected sales invoice for customer 01121212 on 04/14/2014. The lines at the bottom show which and how many entries exist for the transaction.

You can drill further into these results by selecting a line and clicking Show to view the actual entries.

Searching by Document Number

You can use the Navigate page as a generic search tool. To see entries with a different document number, enter the document number at the top of the Navigate page and then click Find.

If you search with only the Posting Date field (leaving the Document No. field blank), all the entries from the date entered appear, regardless of document number. Similarly, if the Posting Date field is blank, all entries with the selected document number appear, regardless of the posting date.

Searching by External Document Numbers

If you do not know an internal document number, click the External tab, available at the bottom of the page. To locate a document for a vendor, in the Business Contact Type field, select Vendor. Enter the vendor number in the Business Contact No. field or enter the vendor's document number in the Document No. field. Then, click Find to have the program find the entries.

Open the Navigate page from ledger entry pages and pages that contain posted shipments and receipts, or from all the History menu folders in the navigation pane. You can use the page to find all entries posted with the same date or document number. The document number may be either a number assigned in a general journal or the number of an invoice or credit memo.

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