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Absence Management Entity Summary

Attendance Management enables users to setup attendance tracking for vacation, sick leave, jury duty, and so on.  The following is a list of the entity summary with a brief description about how they will resolve attendance issues.

  • Cause of Absence (Master) – Details major attributes related to the cause of absence including the type and category. Many of these attributes default to the plan where they can be made plan specific if necessary. 
  • Attendance Plan (Master) – The definition of a plan that will be assigned to one or more employees or groups of employees.    Attendance Plans have a header where general information about the plan is outlined and lines where each cause of absence related to the plan is listed. 
  • Attendance Plan Lines – Details the cause of absences in the plan and default sequencing details.
    • Entitlements – Details entitlement thresholds including steps when increased based on years of service. 
    • Sequencing – Details about how causes of absence balances can be applied to each other. This is used if you have cascading consumption of balances. 
  • Employee Attendance Plan – Employee specific version of the attendance plan. All settings are defaulted from the plan but can be edited to make employee specific changes. 
  • Absence Request – Is the transaction that represents a request that is submitted for approval. If sequencing is used, this record will include the details for how the sequencing is applied.    
  • Absence Request Header – Details the transaction for each absence request including starting and ending dates, type of absence and status. 
  • Absence Request Lines – Details the credit sequencing (one or many) applied to support the total absence. Includes details for proration when sequencing is triggered. 
  • Absence Registration (Employee Absence) – Contains entries for all entitlement and consumption records in all statuses including sequencing.
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