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About Scheduling Email Templates

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About Scheduling Email Templates

Note: Scheduling email templates are HTML files which can be customized in any standard editor. Once you upload them to the Schedule Setup page, they are stored in the product database. To make changes to the template, upload a new version to the Schedule Setup page. At this time, it is not possible to retrieve the uploaded templates from the database.


Please be aware that they contain script code and standard tags which are used by Manage to insert shift-specific data such as your company name, the unit name, and the time of the shift. The script code is used to make the HTML display correctly in various email clients and should not be changed. The scheduling tags, which have the form <!--#NAVxxxxx-->, can be reordered or removed if necessary, but should not be changed.


The email generation code only replaces the first instance of any specific <!--#NAVxxxxx--> tag.


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