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Viewing Profile Information

Employees are able to use the Profile page on Employee Center to review information that the Human Resources (HR) / Human Capital Management (HCM) department has collected and stored about them. Employees can also use this section to request changes to their information.

To view your profile:

  1. From the Menu bar, click My Self Service and select the Profile link.

    The Profile page displays with the General collapsible section expanded. Profile contains three collapsible sections: General, Assignments, and Admin & Benefits.

    NOTE: If a user has edited and saved changes in the General collapsible section, a Pending Changes collapsible section is added below the General collapsible section.

General Collapsible Section

The General collapsible section contains high-level information about the employee that HR, HCM require for their records. Users are responsible for reviewing and requesting changes to any of the information displayed on the General collapsible section of their profile.

To make changes to the information captured in the General collapsible section, see Updating Profile Information.

Pending Changes Collapsible Section

The Pending Changes collapsible section only displays when a user has requested a change.  For more details about changes see Updating Profile Information.

Assignments Collapsible Section

The Assignments collapsible section captures the details for the position(s) a user holds in the organization. From this collapsible section, users have the ability to review their current position assignment, previous position, FTE, their next progression date, their pay, and other such details.  Requests for changes to this information are not available, the information is view only. If the information represented in this collapsible section is not correct, users can contact their Human Resources (HR) / Human Capital Management (HCM) department.

To view Assignments:

  1. Click the Assignments collapsible section to expand.

  2. You can see general information pertaining to the position you hold. 
  3. To view Position Information click the information icon.
  4. A pop over displays more information:

Admin & Benefits Collapsible Section

The Admin & Benefits collapsible section contains critical information about employment status and benefit enrollment/eligibility. Users can review the information displayed; however, they may not request changes to this information. If the information represented is not correct, employees can contact their HR, HCM department.

The Admin & Benefits collapsible section contains four sections. The table below provides a brief description of the four sections of Admin & Benefits:

Section Name Details

Admin Information

This section displays the user’s employment details.

HR, HCM Representative Information

This section displays the name and contact information for a user’s HR, HCM representative.

General Plan

This section displays the details of a user’s benefit plan enrollment.

Relatives / Beneficiaries

This section displays the details regarding a user’s beneficiaries and relatives.

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