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Working with Attendance Balances and Requests

Use the Attendance & Requests Employee Center Application to review a user’s current balances for entitlements accrued (e.g., Vacation or Sick time). This section is also where users create and submit requests for time off from work.

Viewing your Balances

To view your balances:

  1. From the My Self Service menu bar item, click the Attendance & Requests link.

    The Attendance & Requests page opens displaying a list of balances.  If you prefer, you may click on Calendar to view this information in a calendar format.

  2. To review the details of a balance, including accruals, days taken off, scheduled time off and requests pending approval, click to expand the type of balance for which you want to view details.

  3. Choose from the menu to see more details (for example Used).
    The details display to the right of the menu.
  • Accrued displays any accrual entries applied by the payroll calculation or entries that you requested which are already approved.
  • Used displays entries that you have requested and used.
  • Scheduled displays entries that you have requested and have been approved or scheduled to be used.
  • Pending displays entries that are pending your manager’s approval

Requesting Time Off

To receive time off from work, you need to submit a request.  The request must include details such as dates, reason, etc.  Next the request is submitted to your manager, and to HR for review and approval.

To submit a request for time off from work:

  1. From the My Self Service menu bar item, click the Attendance & Requests link.
    The Attendance & Requests page opens.
  2. Click the New button in the top right corner of the page.

    The Attendance & Request form displays.

  3. From the Type field, select the absence type or cause of absence under which your request falls.
  4. In the Description field, may enter a short explanation for the entry. This field is not required, but the information is useful when you are reviewing a list of historical entries.
  5. In the From field, select the start date of the absence. Use the Calendar to select the start date
  6. In the To field, select the end date of the absence. Use the Calendar picker to select the end date.

    The Quantity field and the Request Approver field auto fill.
  7. You may need to add an attachment or a web link to your request. In this case click to expand the Attachments collapsible section.

  8. For a link, add a description if it is required and add the link address in the appropriate field.
  9. If you want to upload a file, click to toggle to file, add a description and click the Browse button to upload.  This may be necessary for example if your organization’s policy is   to require official documentation, such as a doctor’s note for sick time.
  10. Click Save.

  11. Scroll to the top of the request and click Submit to send an email automatically your manager for his or her approval
  12. If there is a mistake, you can choose to Cancel or Delete the request by clicking on the appropriate button above to status bar.  This is possible until the request has been    approved.
  13. Before leaving this page, you may notice something that needs to be added or corrected. Click the Re-Open button.
  14. If you have left the page and then want to Re-Open or Cancel or Delete the request switch to the Calendar view.

  15. Click on the item.
  16. The item displays and you are able to Re-open, Cancel, or Delete the request.

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