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Working with Absence Confirmation

Organizations may request that their employees confirm absences they incurred during a work period. An organization’s particular settings will determine if employees receive reminder emails along with being able to view a list of absences in the Absence Confirmation Web App.

To view and confirm absences:

1. From the My Self Service menu bar item, click the Absence Confirmation link.

    The Absence Confirmation page opens displaying a list of absences for a particular work period

2. Review the absences displayed and the quantity of time they represent. When you are satisfied the list represents absences you took during the time period listed, click the    Confirm button.

3. An Absence Confirmation box displays. Click Yes to confirm.

4. The Absence Confirmation page refreshes, with the status bar updated accordingly.

5. Contact your manager directly if you have any disagreements with the data represented.

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