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Viewing Qualifications

The Qualifications page enables users to review the qualifications that HR, HCM has on file for them.

If a user has obtained qualifications (pertinent to their position) but that do not display in the Qualifications page, users will need to contact the Human Resources (HR) / Human Capital Management (HCM) department to have the information reviewed/updated.

Viewing your Qualifications

To view your qualifications:

1. Click the Qualifications link from the My Self Service menu bar item.

The Qualifications page opens, displaying a list of your qualifications. There are three filter tabs: ALL, EXPIRING, and EXPIRED. By default, the ALL tab is selected. This tab displays all of your active qualifications.

NOTE: Inactive qualifications are typically older records which have been replaced by a more recent instance of the same qualifications.
Inactive qualifications are stored in the database, but are not displayed in Employee Center.

Qualifications which are required are marked with a Required icon, and you can see the required by date.

For qualifications with expiry dates, you can see these dates and the amount of time left until expiry, or the amount of time since expiry. You can determine when the next training to renew these qualifications will be held.

2. Use the EXPIRING filter tab to focus solely on qualifications that will expire in the future.

3. Use the EXPIRED filter tab to focus solely on qualifications that have already expired.

Exploring Training 

To review training details and request registration:

1.  Click the date link in the Next Training Date column. The Training & Registration page will open in a new tab.

Searching Qualifications

You can use the Search box to find specific records. All displayed columns can be searched, including searching for the "Required" indicator.

NOTE: To search for a date, use the YYYY-MM-DD format to enter it in the search field, for example, enter 2018-12-31 to search for a date which displays as 12/31/2018. You can also use partial strings such as 01-02 to search for all dates displayed as 01/02.


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