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Working with Training and Registration

This page allows you to review available training programs and courses and to request registration if spots are available.

You can browse through the available training programs and courses offered by your HR, HCM department. If you identify an event in which you want to participate, you can request registration for the training event online. The page indicates any training events for which you may request registration, and shows whether that registration is pending or approved.

Viewing Training Opportunities

To view available training events:

1. From the My Self Service menu bar item, click the Training & Registration link.

The Training & Registration page opens. All Open training opportunities will be displayed, sorted by Start Date. Training opportunities with other statuses (planning, completed, canceled) are not shown.


If a training opportunity has space for additional attendees, the Register button is shown. Click this button to request registration. You will be asked to confirm your choice. If there are 5 or fewer spots left, a warning badge will indicate this condition. If a training opportunity is full, then a No Capacity badge is shown.

If you have requested registration, but it has not yet been approved, then the Requested status is displayed instead of the Register button.

If you have been approved to attend the training opportunity, then the Registered status is displayed instead of the Register button.

If you need to withdraw a request or make other changes, you can contact the training administrator, as described below.

2. To view additional details for the event, click the applicable row.

A drop down panel opens to display additional detail


3. The training administrator may provide additional information and a link to another SharePoint page or other site with more information. Click the More info link, if available, to access the information.

4. To communicate directly with the training administration, click the email address link to launch your default email client and compose an email. The email window automatically contains the correct recipient address and a subject line that references the selected opportunity.

5. To search, enter any search string in the search box at the upper right. You can search on all relevant text including drop down details such as the location, course description, instructions, and even the More info URL.

NOTE: To search for a date, use the YYYY-MM-DD format to enter it in the search field, for example, enter 2018-12-31 to search for a date which displays as 12/31/2018. You can also use partial strings such as 01-02 to search for all dates displayed as 01/02.

NOTE: To see only the training opportunities for which you are registered, search for "REGISTERED". To see the training opportunities for which you have requested as well as those where you are registered, search for "PENDING". (The "PENDING" string is an internal marker, which is not visible on the page.)

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