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Mass Creating HR Employee Tasks

Use the Mass Create HR Employee Tasks batch report to assign HR tasks to employees.

Note: To mass create HR employee tasks, you must have properly configured HR jobs related to HR positions. At minimum, create a master HR job and connect it to all HR Positions. Otherwise, the processing report that creates all the HR Requests for a rate increase fails to generate entries.

To Mass Create Employee Tasks:

  1. In the Search field, type Mass Create HR Employee Tasks and select the page from the list.
    The Mass Create HR Employee Tasks page displays.

  2. From the HR Task Type list, choose the HR task that you want to mass assign to employees. 
  3. In the Due Date field, choose the date when the task is due.
  4. From the HR Position drop-down list, choose either Primary Assignment or All Active Assignments:
  • Primary Assignment: The HR task is only created for the primary assignment as of the due date.
  • All Active Assignments: The HR task is created for all assignments that are active as of the due date.
  1. (Optional) You can use the Employee and HR Position Ledger Entry FastTabs to filter on a particular employee or HR position.
  2. Click OK.
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