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Viewing Payroll Processing and Register History

Through the History option, you can view posted ledger, batch, and documents information.

Accessing Transaction and Posted Data Information

To access and review information for posted data and completed transactions:

  1. Payroll > History.
    The History folder opens.
  2. Select the option you want.
    Based on your selection, the appropriate page opens.
  3. Use the Function buttons to display additional details for an item.

Reviewing the Posted Batch Details (Payroll Registers)

Every batch that is posted produces a Payroll Register. The Payroll Registers page lists each batch. Within this page, you can select a batch and then view the details for the selected item.

  • From the Navigate tab, click Payroll Ledger to see the details from the posted batch.
  • From the Navigate tab, click Payroll Check Ledger to display the details of the posted checks. From the Payroll Check Ledger page you can:
    • From the Actions tab, click the Check Stub button to display the stub for a posted check.
    • From the Actions tab, click the Details button to see all the ledger entries for an employee check.

Viewing Ledger Transaction Registers

This option lets you view ledger transaction registers from all the other functional areas. Transaction registers are records of postings – that is, they tell you who updated the ledger and when.

You can drill down to see the details:

  • Click the Register button and select one of the following options:
    • General Ledger: displays all the G/L ledger transactions posted.
    • Customer Ledger: displays all the customer ledger transactions posted.
    • Vendor Ledger: displays all the vendor ledger transactions posted.
    • Bank Account Ledger: displays all the bank account ledger transactions posted.
    • Fixed Asset Ledger: displays all the fixed asset ledger transactions posted.
    • Maintenance Ledger: displays all the maintenance ledger transactions posted.
    • Tax Entries: displays all the tax entries posted for transactions.
    • Item Ledger Relation: displays the item ledger transactions posted.
  • You can also use the Functions > Reverse Register option to reverse the ledger entries posted.

Reviewing Transaction Details for Payroll-Related Documents

The History menu contains a Navigate option which enables you to see all the transactions related to a particular document, such as a pay check.

To review the details for a payroll item/document:

  1. In the Document No. field, enter a document number.
  2. Click Find.
    A search is performed and the document is displayed in the Navigate page.
  3. Use the available tabs and Function buttons to drill-down and view all the details for the document.
  4. Click Print to print a physical copy of the document, if required.
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