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Generating and Printing Government Documents

Through the Documents option, you can print and view forms and documents, such as T-4s and ROEs (Records Of Employment) to send to the required government entities. This option functions just like the Reports option, enabling you filter information to get the data you want.

Only external documents you send to a government agency are listed within the Documents section.

This option is very useful if your company uses pre-printed forms. For example, although you can print Tax Authority Statistics from the Reports option to get information for filing quarterly reports with the federal government, you can print using the federal pre-printed forms through the Documents option.

As with Reports option, you can filter information for documents and you can customize documents using the Report Designer.

Creating Government Forms and Documents

To access the payroll documents required by government agencies:

  1. Departments> Payroll.
    The Payroll folder opens.
  2. Select the document you want to generate/create as a report.
    Based on your selection, the appropriate window opens.
  3. Use the Field and Filter columns in the available tabs to customize/refine the report data.
  4. Click the Preview button to review the report before printing.
  5. Once you are satisfied with the report results, click Print.

Printing 1099 Tax Forms

Use this procedure to print 1099 Tax Forms.

You can order 1099 forms from Greatland (Form ID BMISREC05). This form also has a companion windowed envelope.  

Note: For best results while printing, set your printer margins to .5".

Creating Record of Employment Documents

For details and instructions for generating records of employment, see Generating Records of Employment.

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