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Performing Accounts Payable Batch Processing for Auditors

A/P Batch processing steps required for the A/P Auditor include the following:

  1. The first step is to audit the batch to ensure the purchase documents included are complete and correct. If errors or omissions are detected in any of the invoices included in the batch, the batch needs to be re-opened and sent back to the A/P representative for corrections and to re-release the batch.
  2. The final stage in the process is to post the approved batch. (This step can be fulfilled by either the A/P Representative or the A/P Auditor.)

Auditing a Batch

Once a batch is released, as the A/P Auditor, your task is to review all the invoices included within the batch for completeness and to ensure they are correct. Once you determine that the batch is complete, you can indicate the batch has been audited.

If any of the invoices in the batch need modifications, you can re-open the batch for the A/P Representative to modify and re-release.

Reviewing the Invoices within a Batch

You can view the list of Released batches to locate the batches you need to audit. Once you locate the batch you want, you can begin the process of reviewing the invoices contained in the batch.

To review the invoices in a batch:

  1. Click Tell Me and search for A/P Batches. Select the page from the drop-down list.
    The A/P Batches List displays.
  2. On the Action Bar, click Filters > Released.
    A list of released batches displays.
  3. Select a batch and on the Action Bar click Edit.
    The A/P Batch Card displays.
  4. On the Action Bar, click Navigate > Released Invoices.
    The A/P Batches Purchase Invoices List displays.
  5. Select an invoice that you want to review. 
  6. For each individual invoice in a batch, you can indicate that it has been audited. On the Action Bar, click Get Receipt Lines > Release > Mark as Audited.
    Note: This step is optional. 
  7. On the right-hand side of the screen, click the Arrow to move to the next invoice in the batch. 
  8. Repeat steps 4-6 to review all the invoices within the batch.

Updating the Status of a Batch

When you finish reviewing the invoices in the batch, you have the following options:

  • Mark As Audited: indicates the batch is ready for processing
  • Mark Single Invoice as Audited: indicates that a particular invoice in the batch is complete. This is useful when sending a batch back to the A/P Representative for review. You can ‘audit’ the invoices that are complete to indicate to the A/P representative what invoice(s) need attention. [Jason: Is this option still available? I cannot find it on the batch level]
  • Re-open Batch: indicates that invoices in the batch need additional information or modification

To mark a batch as audited:

  1. Open the batch (if not already in the Edit – A/P Batch Card).
  2. Click the Actions menu tab.
  3. On the Action Bar, click Actions > Functions > Release Batch.
    The status of the batch changes to ‘Audited’.
    NOTE: You can only mark an invoice as audited if it is in the 'Released' status.

To re-open a batch:

  1. Open the batch, if not already in the Edit – A/P Batch Card.
  2. On the Action Bar, click Actions > Functions > Re-open Batch.
  3. In the confirmation message that displays, click Yes.
    The batch is removed from the ‘Released’ list and moved back to the ‘Open’ list.

    Follow your standard process for returning re-opened batches to the A/P representatives.

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