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HR Requests Overview

This topic provides an overview of the HR Request process.

What is an HR Request?

HR Requests are the procedures for creating and updating employee profiles, employee pay information, rates, benefits, and assignments. Once the HR request has been completed and processed, all the employee information is updated in the employee profile.

The benefits of HR Requests include:

  • Provides a central location for initiating all HR/Payroll transactions.
  • Maintains an audit trail of the user(s) who entered, approved, and completed the HR request.
  • Automates the setup of many different records with a single processing action.

HR Reason Codes

Reason codes are used to indicate why an HR Request was created. These include standard reason codes that come with the solution, as well as re-purposed reason codes that are defined as part of the implementation process. Each HR Reason Code includes a Process Type. Each Process Type is used in conjunction with process steps to properly run the HR Request. Example Process Types include Hire, Assignment, and Details Change. 

Within each Reason Code are one or more functions that the HR request processes to complete the request.

Teacher vs. Employee HR Requests

Some categories of HR Requests have both Employee and Teacher options. For example, Place Employee on Leave vs. Place Teacher on Leave
The main difference between Employee and Teacher HR Requests is the calculation for ROE details for insurable earnings. This calculation is different for teachers.  




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