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Adding Employee Assignments

This topic explains how to use HR Requests to add assignments to employees.

Use the Additional Assignment reason code when adding an additional assignment to an employee who already has an assignment. For example, a part-time nurse who is also employed part-time as a custodian. Or a teacher who is teaching in two different schools.

To add employee assignments:

Create the HR Request Header

  1. Click Tell Me and Search for HR Requests. Select the page from the drop-down list.
    The HR Request List displays.
  2. From the Action Bar, click New.
    A new HR Request page displays.
  3. Either click directly into the HR Reason Code field to allow the number to automatically populate, or select the number series you wish to use from the No. field. 
  4. In the HR Reason Code field, select Additional Assignment.
  5. In the Effective Date field, select the date when the new assignment begins.
  6. In the Employee No. field, specify the employee number that corresponds to this HR Request.

Create the HR Request Body

  1. On the Action Bar, click Action > Details.
  2. The HR Request Details page displays.
  3. In the Assignment Start Date field, specify the date when the new assignment becomes effective.
    Note:  This defaults from the Effective Date if entered in the HR Request Header page.
  4. In the HR Position Code field, specify the new job position being assigned to the employee.
  5. Expand the Payroll FastTab.
  6. In the Pay Grid Code field, select the pay grid for the new assignment from the drop-down list.
  7. In the Pay Grade field, select the employee's pay grade for the new assignment.
  8. In the Pay Step field, select the assignment's pay step.
  9. In the HR Company Code field, choose a company from the drop-down list.
  10. In the HR Pay Code field, select the assignment's HR Pay Code from the drop-down list.
  11. Expand and complete the Assignment Allocations FastTab if an employee’s assignment should be divided into multiple dimensions. For each allocation, select the Account Set Code from the drop-down list and specify a value in the Amount field.
  12. Expand the Assignment Allowances FastTab.
    Use the Assignment Allowances FastTab to enter earnings that an employee might receive, but will not have a specific assignment for. For example, a stipend for a cell phone.
  13. In the Allowance Code field, choose the appropriate code from the drop-down list box.
  14. Complete the Start Date and End Date fields and (optionally) provide a description.
  15. Specify the allowance amount in the Total Amount field. 
  16. Click Close.
  17. Process the HR Request.
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